I SAV, Do you?


If you are here, you have probably received a personal invitation message to your mobile phone from one of your friends.

This message actually is a unique gift to you from your friend. A gift of certain amount of digital assets- an unique digital cryptocurrency, a BITCOIN alternative, first of its kind cryptocurrency with Distributive Justice in mind and FAIR Distribution model.

We want to make the world a better place and we are building first social user owned payment network, free of bank control, where everyone has an equal opportunity, unlike Bitcoin, where 1% of holders hold 99% of all bitcoin assets. 

You can claim your SAV Coins through SAVCoin Mobile Wallet:


Q&A about


What is SAVCoin?
SAVcoin is a first of its kind BITCOIN alternative (cryptocurrency) allowing real FAIR Distribution of Digital Asset (SAVCoin) between everyone, before it is officially launched. We are building first of its kind social cryptocurrency network in the world, a network, free of banks, with Distributive Justice in mind, with everyone having its share of the SAVCoin asset. 

We believe in Equal Opportunity, unlike BITCOIN that has grown tens of thousand percent since it was launched, allowing only “lucky” people to accumulate it, ending with only 1% of bitcoin owners to have 99% of all bitcoins, we are giving an Equal Chance to you and everyone else to receive their part of the "Next Big Thing".

How can I get my SAVCoins?
During Closed Distribution Phase you only can receive SAVCoins from one of your friends.

How much does it cost?
It doesn’t cost you anything. Nothing. Zero. Nada.
To claim your share of SAV Coins you just need to download a mobile version of our SAVCoin wallet.
When Distribution Phase is over and SAVCoin is officially launched,  market will set the price for SAVcoins and due to unique model behind it we expect it to significantly raise in price. Don't be surprised if your "free" coins will become a small fortune.

Can I get my coins later?
You can claim your coins anytime during Distribution Phase, but if you forget to claim them (by downloading mobile wallet till the end of the Distribution Phase), you will lose your coins. We are giving you the chance, but it is up to you to take it or not, remember right now it doesn't cost you anything.

Is there something else I should know about?
Actually yes, as part of the SAVCoin assets distribution, a significant part of the SAVCoin assets will be allocated to the charities, 10% to be precise.

How can I get more SAVCoins?
You can get more SAVCoins by helping us to "Spread the Wealth" during our Closed Distribution Phase. Although we are giving equal opportunity to everyone by giving away same amount of SAVCoins, we believe that anyone's effort to help us should be rewarded. The more friends you invite, giving them same opportunity to claim their share of free coins, the more SAVCoins you receive.

Who is in charge here?
People behind ISAV project are people that think that everyone deserves a chance in their life, of course it is up to you to take it or not, but at least we tried. After network is launched it will be managed by SAV-The-World foundation.
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execution Phases

Current stage: Closed Distribution Phase, signup by invitation only, a total of 40% of all coins will be given away
Open Distribution Phase, anyone can signup, number of SAVCoins per user at this stage depends on success of closed distribution phase and can be significantly lower.
A total of 40% of the coins will be sold to investors on the open market
The revolution begins

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